“I was prepared for a couple hours of drilling and needles, and not being able to eat or smile. But when I came in that day, I got through in 20 minutes instead of 2 hours, and I walked out smiling and had lunch with my husband without any paralyzation in my mouth. It was great. It’s certainly what I would choose again.”

~ Bonnie Snow, patient

“If my dentist could do for the rest of me what he did for my teeth, I’d be a raving beauty at 65. My teeth look terrific! My laser smile is a great present.”

~ Anne Saldich Ph.D., MFCC, patient

“10 minutes for the whole cavity procedure. No anesthesia was used. I felt nothing at all. I was delighted. I’m looking forward to my next cavity. I actually want to go to the dentist again.”

~ Jerry Deutscher, patient

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